CONCOA has evolved as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of gas control equipment. Their quality control systems meet or exceed compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations. Roberts Oxygen carries the full line of Concoa pressure, flow and distribution equipment.

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Single Stage or Dual Stage Chrome-Plated or Brass Specialty Gas Regulators
  • Single Stage
  • Chrome Plated Brass Body
  • Five Port Configuration
  • 316L Stainless Steel Diaphragm

The regulators are intended for primary pressure control of non-corrosive, high purity or liquefied gases (up to grade 4.5) in applications where minor fluctuations in outlet pressure due to diminishing inlet supply pressure can be tolerated.

Protocol Station
  • Prevents Regulator Damage
  • Improves Safety
  • Brass or 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure of 6000 PSIG

Includes Everything Shown Except Regulator. The 529 Series Protocol Station is a regulator option designed for the convenient wall mounting of any CONCOA high purity regulator. Wall mounting of a regulator provides ease of use, prevents regulator damage and improves safety.

Open Automatic Switchover with Stainless Steel Components
  • Automatic Switchover System
  • Ultra-High Purity Gas Service
  • 316L Stainless Steel Components

The Automatic Switchover is designed to provide a continuous supply of ultra-high purity, corrosive gas. The system comes with either flexible pigtails for use with two cylinders or manifold connectors for use with the Maniflex Modular Manifold System. Due to pressure differential considerations, an integral line regulator is available to maintain constant downstream pressure.

Enclosed Automatic Switchover
  • Automatic Switchover System
  • Liquid Primary w/ High Pressure Reserve
  • 316L Stainless Steel Components
  • Ultra-High Purity

The 536 Series AutoSwitch GL is a continuous gas delivery system for ultra-high purity gas service that is designed to automatically change cylinder or bank priority from a liquid cryogenic source to a reserve bank of high pressure cylinders without transmitting pressure fluctuations to the use line.

NEW IntelliSwitch
  • Automatic Switchover System
  • Cryogenic or High Pressure Supply
  • High Flow
  • On-Site Source Selection
  • Low Loss Technology
  • Microprocessor Control

The 539 Series Intelliswitch electronic switchover is CONCOA's next generation of gas management systems. The IntelliSwitch provides continuous gas supply from liquid cylinders, high pressure cylinders or a combination of the two allowing the end-user to select the most economical mode of gas supply by the touch of a button. Microprocessor control lowers yearly gas cost by eliminating liquid cylinder vent loss and excess residual return, which makes the IntelliSwitch the perfect choice for laboratory, pilot plant or process applications.

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